World number one Beattie back on the green

Bowls is Bowls Ambassador Mark Beattie can't wait to get back on the green this weekend.

The Irish star is taking part in the Falcon Open Pairs being staged at Falcon Bowling and Social Club as part of the Short Mat Player's Tour.

Mark, the number one world ranked short mat tour player, has missed the buzz of being both on and around the green over the past couple of seasons, with competitive play halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: "I started playing short mat bowls at the age of 12. My father was a bowler and when I was laid up with a broken toe, he took me to the bowls to get me out of the house for a while.

"I really enjoyed watching and when I was able to I started to play! I played off and on for most of my youth and then stopped but came back to bowls years later.

"I like to play with Taylor Internationals which I find to have just the right amount of finish for me."

The County Tyrone player has a string of accolades to his names and in the last three years alone has been UK Open Champion, British Isles Championship Winner (Ireland) and Stockholm Open Fours Winner.

Mark is a proud ambassador of Bowls is Bowls; set up by Daventry businessman Mark Courtney to encourage and celebrate bowls in all its forms.

He said: "I like what Bowls is Bowls promotes and am keen to develop the Short Mat arm of the organisation. It's a great game suitable for anyone."

The Short Mat Players Tour is a semi-professional short mat bowling organisation, that runs singles events through Europe.

The tour was the first set of events to create a world ranking for short mat bowls. Events are generally set up in round robin format, with players progressing to a knockout round dependent on their position within their own group.

In addition to traditional 4-wood singles events, the SMPT have also run pairs, fours, double-rink and two-wood singles competitions

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