Fitness professional Katie Bulmer-Cooke talks about the launch of BowlsFit to B-Fitter

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

“Like most people post pandemic, I regularly find myself saying 'where has the time gone' and feeling like events that took place years ago, happened only months ago.

I still can't believe that 3 years have passed since I first worked with David, and wrote his fitness and conditioning plan ahead of his bronze medal win at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Now the programme that I wrote specifically for David, based on the movements and demands of his sport, has evolved into a fitness class programme for Everyone!

BowlsFit is now official and has been super well received by bowlers and non-bowlers alike. After lots of squirreling away behind the scenes writing session plans, developing the concept and filming workouts, I recently had the pleasure of delivering two master classes in Sunderland and teaching BowlsFit to real people in a real studio! There was however a little plot twist...those taking part in the masterclasses had no idea that the class format had any link to Bowls.

We wanted to gather truly honest feedback from a wide demographic of participants and didn't want them to have any preconceived ideas based on the name. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and specifically highlighted the inclusive nature of the class, its low impact nature, the social-spirit and the quality of the workout.

Alongside the successful soft launch of BowlsFit it's also super-exciting that the programme is also benefiting David again, as having followed it religiously for around 2 months he has just qualified for the World Indoor Bowls Championships at the 5* rated Potters resort in Norfolk.

If you haven't tried BowlsFit yet, then what are you waiting for... out for more classes or download one of our BowlsFit workout videos from and get started today and you can also “B-Fitter” like David.

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